Become a NOMADERS Ambassador!

The term Ambassador is rooted from Mongol-Manchu word, Amban Said.
The use of ambassadors became a political strategy in Italy during the 17th century: the ambassador system was used to disperse information and to protect the small states.

Help! We need your super powers:

We’re looking for AMBASSADORS to join us in bringing the community together and helping it to grow and flourish.
AMBASSADORS are our most active, dedicated and passionate Local Heroes.
The AMBASSADORS take an active role in the Local Heroes Community, welcome others and encourage them to get involved.
They spend time talking and sharing with others, posting on blogs and testing new features.
They believe in Nomaders Local Heroes Project and are enthusiastic about spreading the word out, on and off-line, and inviting their friends and associates to join.

AMBASSADORS will become local authorities of Nomaders Local Heroes Community, will have exclusive access to news and new features on Nomaders and of course an special access to our Local Heroes meetings, check out our first one in Madrid this year:

Interested to start the adventure?
Contact us in and join our revolution!

To know more about us click here

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